6 Home Remedies To Relieve Chronic Constipation

Even though no one wants to talk about it, constipation is actually an incredibly common problem. It’s thought to affect around 20 percent of Americans, resulting in approximately 8 million doctor visits each year.


Constipation is characterized by less than three bowel movements per week. However, it can also involve other unpleasant symptoms, such as discomfort when going to the bathroom, abdominal bloating, and pain due to stools being difficult to pass.

The unpleasant condition can be caused by foods you eat or you lack, lifestyle choices, medications or diseases. But for many people, the cause of their chronic constipation is unknown.

Unfortunately, constipation can have a serious negative effect on your quality of life. But the good news is that there are many home remedies available to help relieve constipation.

Being dehydrated can induce constipation. To prevent the discomfort, it is important to drink enough water daily. Some studies have found sparkling water to be more effective than tap water for relief.


Increase fiber intake
People who are constipated are told more often than anything else to increase their fiber intake. Fiber can increase the bulk and consistency of bowel movements, which in turn, can make them easier to pass. In supplements or your diet, the best option when constipated is a non-fermentable soluble fiber.

Get exercising
In some people, exercise may reduce the symptoms of constipation.

Drink coffee
Coffee increases the urge to go to the bathroom in many people. This effect is due to the fact that coffee stimulates the muscles in your digestive system. The delicious morning drink may also contain small amounts of soluble fiber.

Take probiotics
Probiotics may help prevent chronic constipation. Studies have shown that people who have chronic constipation have an imbalance of bacteria in their gut, so probiotic foods and supplements could help improve balance and prevent constipation.

Eat prunes
This dried fruit gets its rep for a good reason. Prunes contain the sugar alcohol sorbitol, which has a laxative effect on the body. This makes prunes a very effective remedy for constipation.


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