Here’s Why You Should Always Place an ice Cube on Your Burgers

Are you a burger fan? You probably are, and you’ve done your grilling a certain way for some time now and you’re happy with it, right?


Are you confident that there is no better way of preparing a tasty all – American on a Sunday afternoon with friends?

Well, let us show you a video with a guy that brings nothing shorter than a burger grilling revolution.

We start off with some ice cubes. It turns out they’re not only good for cooling down drinks but have also found their application in meat grilling. Who knew, right?


And this is not just some experiment. This actually produces the tastiest juiciest burgers. It is a must try!

Another hack discussed in the video addresses the uncomfortable issue of overcooking your meat on the grill. We’ve all been there. It’s dry, tasteless and you can barely chew a piece of it. So how do you make sure that never happens to you again? No worries, cause The ‘Grill Master’ has you covered!


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