Research Finds Popular Nut Reduces Cholesterol Better Than Statins!

Statins are a class of medications which doctors usually prescribe to individuals that are suffering from high cholesterol.

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While they are effective at reducing the levels of cholesterol, they are also connected with a lot of adverse health issues which include digestive problems, confusion, muscle pain, memory loss and liver damage.

But, in recent times, researchers have discovered a safer, as well as more natural way for lowering the levels of cholesterol and this approach does not come with any harmful adverse effects.

One study has discovered that Brazil nuts can actually reduce the levels of cholesterol better than statin.

In the study, the researchers gave 10 men and women a single meal which contained zero, one, four or eight Brazil nuts. What they discovered is that just one serving of Brazil nuts improved the levels of cholesterol almost instantly.

In fact, only nine hours after ingesting the Brazil nuts, the participants in t he study saw a significant drop in LDL or bad cholesterol. On the other hand, statins need about four days in order to provide important effect on the levels of cholesterol.


The researchers have measured the levels of cholesterol of the participants after one month and surprisingly they found that their cholesterol levels were still down even 30 days after the consumption of a single serving of Brazil nuts.

They have also found something else more interesting. Four Brazil nuts seemed to work better than eight when it actually came to increasing good, or HDL and decreasing bad, or LDL cholesterol. The results also suggest that only four Brazil nuts may have the ability to improve HDL and LDL levels for up to 30 days.

Brazil nuts also contain selenium so consuming four of them on a daily basis is going to be more effective than statins at helping patients manage high levels of cholesterol, and of course, safer.



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